Can you #smoke & still have a healthy lifestyle?

Do you think you can smoke and still live a healthy lifestyle? After all, smoking is merely one factor that could affect our health right? There is also exercise, diet, other substances…

A colleague of mine passed along this article in Vice by Dan Buyanovsky. I reckon it is a really good read. Enjoy!

“It’s been just over five years since I first picked up a cigarette—at a party, surrounded by people who seemed much cooler than me by dint of their smoking. Determined to fit in with my new social circle and with my new city—New York, a place where even the corpulent look interesting with a hand-rolled cigarette hanging from their lips—I started smoking socially, and eventually, regularly….” read on.


Deakin University is #smokefree

Deakin University (and me) became a smoke-free environment on March 10, 2014. That’s over four months ago! This included all University property: land, buildings, vehicles, facilities and other property owned or leased by or under the control of Deakin. A Smoke-Free policy has been implemented to create a healthy and safe environment for all Deakin students, staff and associates. All staff and students are required under the Code of Conduct and Student Charter to adhere to policy, with breaches to policy to be dealt with appropriately.

Deakin is encouraging smokers who wish to reduce or quit smoking to take advantage of FREE campus support, available to all staff and students. This includes Quit education and Nicotine Replacement Therapy available from campus Medical Centres. Staff and students are also encouraged to pledge support for Deakin’s Smoke-Free environment.

I wonder if your workplace has gone smoke-free, and if so what initiatives you have put in place. Your feedback is appreciated. For more details or information on what we are doing at Deakin, please visit the smoke-free website.

smokefree univerisites

Victorian Universities unite for healthy smoke-free campuses.

Deakin University supports World No Tobacco Week


Deakin University is supporting students and staff who want to quit smoking with a week of healthy activities planned at all campuses.

The Geelong Advertiser reports.