My First Anniversary #smokefree

One whole year not smoking!


I did it.

Deakin University has too.

Thanks to my special work mate for the card and yummy chocolates (you know who you are).

And to all my family and friends who supported me on my quit journey.

card and chocolates


66% of Smokers Will be Killed by their Addiction

Hear the viewpoints of smokers and read what Deakin University is doing to help in this Herald Sun article.

So Am I a 40 Year Old Smoker?


I celebrated my 40th Birthday over the weekend.

Happy Birthday to me – Happy Birthday to Deakin!

I had a pool party, with ice-cream cake. Just like when I was a little girl. There may have also been some french champagne consumed to celebrate the milestone.

Did I smoke? Have I had a single puff on a ciggie since March 10, 2014 – the day Deakin University and I pledged to go ‘Smoke-Free’?

The answer is no. I did it! I am over the moon. I achieved my goal to be a non-smoking 40 year old. And along with Deakin, celebrated nine months without smoking on December 10, 2014.

I won’t be blogging much, but will check in every couple of months to let you know how things are travelling. But until then, thank you to all of you who helped me (and many other Deakin staff members and students) kick the habit this year. You know who you are – and I want you to know that without your support I may not have been able to do this. It has been bloody hard!

Wishing you all a fantastic festive season. And if your new years resolution is to quit, make sure you check out the Smoke-Free website for tips and tricks.

Smoke Free accolades at Vic Health Awards

Deakin University was part of the successful team acknowledged for the success of the Tobacco-free University State wide collaboration at the recent Vic Health Awards. Well done team!

“VicHealth has acknowledged some of the most outstanding projects and campaigns involved in improving the health and wellbeing of Victorians at its annual health promotion awards.

Winners of the 2014 Victorian Health Promotion Foundation Awards were announced at a ceremony in Melbourne this evening by VicHealth Chair Professor John Catford and VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter.

Successful initiatives range from a local gymnastics program making a huge difference to the confidence and mobility of people with disabilities to a state-wide smoking harm-prevention initiative, and even a world-first gender equality program aimed at preventing violence against women by reaching people where they live, work and play.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

Collaboration Key to Smoke-Free

Moving university campuses tobacco-free: collective responsibility and collaboration the key to a healthier Victoria by Catherine M. Bennett and Jerril Rechter

For more information on what Deakin University is doing, visit the Smoke-Free website.



Does Hypnotherapy Work? #smokefree


Thanks to my workplace, Deakin University, I attended a session on hypnotherapy to help quit smoking yesterday. Key takeaways were:

  • Hypnotherapy is the ability to retain information when in an altered state of awareness.
  • Easiest to hypnotise are those who have good focus and imagination.
  • Success rate approx. 70%. In order to achieve success, you need to at least 50% want to quit.
  • The therapist who presented specialises in ‘rapid hypnosis’ which means you may need as little as two sessions.

This website has more information on hypnotherapy to quit smoking. I say try everything, and am contemplating hypnotherapy to help me in my resolve to stay quit.