Bio: A smoker for almost 20 years. Proud to be the SmokeFree@Deakin Quit Ambassador. This time, I am giving myself permission to fail in order to succeed. I will not be a 40 year old smoker.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rebecca, I love the idea of your blog, what an inspiring idea to assist others to quit smoking! However I was surprised to see images of people smoking. Can I suggest that smoke free pictures would support your message and assist in your cause. The human mind is very impressionable to images, and if you are promoting smoke free then thats the images you want and need to have to make your message clear and effective. Good luck on the mission,
    All the best, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your feedback. I am thrilled that you find it inspiring to others. Your opinion on the images is very interesting – and I think I will change my ‘Quotes of the Week’ image (which is of me with a ciggie in mouth) to something smoke-free. The other images I use are chosen as they reflect the mood of the post or are designed to portray smoking as an addictive drug. You are right, images burn into our minds. I am 74 days quit today – but do wonder if the images I blog will change the further along I get in my quit journey. Best wishes, Rebecca

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