Smoking Simulator? #smokefree

Smoking Simulator is strangely a little more involved than the name suggests. This isn’t just a simulation of the act of smoking. It’s a simulation of the act of trying not to (or to) kill everyone around you once the smokes run out.

Sure shows an interesting angle on what it’s like to crave a smoke. Got some time on your hands to give the game a go? Go on, knock yourselves out!


9 thoughts on “Smoking Simulator? #smokefree

  1. If there is anything more sickening than a militant ex-smoker nanny, it’s one that is being paid from my student fees as part of a prohibitionist authoritarian ban campaign, in a way it is nice they managed to throw you a few bucks, with yet more being given to Big Pharma for “nicotine replacement therapy” products. I smoked on campus today, and got away with it scot-free. It’s none of your business if use a perfectly legal product at the place where I pay thousands in fees, in some far flung open aired area by myself with nobody else even around (I’m not going to give away operational details). You’ll have to catch me first, although I’m pretty good at concealment so I don’t like your chances, with just one example being this isn’t my real IP address. It makes it taste even sweeter knowing your taxes paid for the packet of cigarettes through Youth Allowance. Deakin’s ban on a completely legal activity, with the irrational and mean-spirited abolition of even far flung smoking areas, “with breaches to policy to be dealt with appropriately.” – I’m shaking in my boots, oooooooh. Nice blog where nobody’s left a comment in weeks, I can hear the crickets. Good luck with that. Don’t want to breed resentment? Simple. Don’t be an authoritarian. Hmmmmm. This comment was as satisfying as the cig I smoked during writing it. I hope it was good for you too. I’ll leave you to your propaganda campaign that nobody’s even reading, a nice adjunct to a “ban” people are openly flouting without a scintilla of remorse. Thanks for the chuckle. Can’t wait for the ban on fried food on campus starting in 2020. That one will be almost as good as the great soft drink vending machine prohibition of 2017. It’s Deakin’s job to make me healthy whether I like or not, yep.

    • Wow… that is some speech. But I do appreciate you taking the time to bash that into your keyboard. While I think you may have gone a little over the top, as a smoker who is choosing not to smoke at the moment, I do understand how you feel. No one likes being told what to do. But, this is the way Victorian universities have decided to go, to assist in reducing smoking rates and make their campuses a healthier place for students, staff and visitors who use our facilities.

      I have wanted to quit for years and the decision for Deakin to go smoke-free helped me put that into action. I thought sharing my experiences would not only help me, but help others who might be thinking about quitting- so I’m going to continue to share.

      I have passed your comments along to the project team at Thanks!

      • Freedom of speech is great and each to their own I reckon – we are all on our own journey. But Rebecca, I just want to say “good on you” for putting yourself out there and helping other people who are looking for some support in dealing with their own personal decision to quit. It can’t have been easy for you to share such a personal view. I don’t always agree with what you say, but I still appreciate that you are having a go and, as the grandchild of two heavy smokers who died from smoking-related lung cancers, I am barracking for you all the way. You can do it!

  2. Rebecca, you are still an inspiration to me and for anyone who can relate to your experiences. Keep up the positive attitude.

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