Noticing Yummy and Yucky Smells #smokefree

There are positives and negatives to having your sense of smell returning with gusto after 25 years. While I am supremely thankful for the return of the yummy odours – the yucky ones are not good.

Public transport can be uncomfortable sometimes. The seating arrangements can be a bit too close for comfort. Heading to the city yesterday, I was unfortunate enough to be on a packed peak hour train. Without thinking I plonked down in relief on the first seat I spotted. And instantly regretted it…

I admire those who ride bikes. As in, the ones who cycle for that long and are that good at it that they wear all the gear; lycra top, bottoms, socks, shoes and things on hands. But please, if you are going to work out to the point where you sweat (lots), please consider your fellow passengers when catching public transport. And don’t put your arms in the air (three times) for a stretch in really confined spaces.

There are yummy smells – like freshly cut grass, coconut, books, a bakers kitchen. And there are those that are yucky – body odour, cat poo, sulfur and stale tobacco smoke! Now I understand how my smell must have offended so many for these past twenty-five years, and for that – I say sorry!



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