Geelong taking a stand #smokefree

The Geelong Advertiser reports the launch of a new app designed to encourage Geelong to quit smoking.

Everyone can use the help of a coach to get better at achieving their goal, whether it’s to win premierships or quit smoking. And now, with the help of the new Cats Don’t Smoke app, you can get coaching to quit for good from the Geelong Cats team. Download free now from the Google Play or App store.


What is the new Cats Don’t Smoke app?

The new Cats Don’t Smoke app has been developed as part of a partnership between Quit Victoria, Geelong Cats and Healthy Together Geelong. The app includes inspirational messages and quitting tips from captain Joel Selwood and other Geelong Cats figureheads and users can track how their body is recovering as they stay quit and calculate their financial savings since they kicked the habit.

Why has the app been developed?

Research has shown that partnering with sporting clubs can be an effective way of encouraging smokers to quit, especially in communities with strong links to their club. More than 20% of adults in Geelong smoke, compared to 13.3% of adults in Victoria, which means Geelong people suffer a greater burden of smoking-caused death and disease.

Quit Victoria, Geelong Cats and Healthy Together Geelong hope the release of this app will encourage smokers to have another go at quitting. And it seems that Geelong is changing.

I barrack for the mighty Essendon Bombers – but have downloaded the app anyway. All encouragement is good encouragement.

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