Only took 60 days to read… #smokefree

Finally finished Allen Carr’s ‘Easy Way to Stop Smoking‘ last night. And with it – had to find the last ciggie I was keeping ‘just-in-case’ hidden in a drawer and chuck it in the fire. Thought I was hanging on to it to prove how much willpower I had. According to Allen Carr those who are stopping smoking but keep a smoke or twenty in their possession have not fully committed to quitting. And doing this makes it easier to start again. I thought it proved how strong I was – but now understand that it was my way of saying if I want to smoke again – I can and I will.

I have no addiction to nicotine physically anymore – it has been 63 days since my last puff. But the psychological stuff that goes on with an addiction is very interesting – and disturbing at the same time. And I still fight this.

On a more dazzling note – do you think smokers or non-smokers are found to be ‘more attractive’ on the dating scene?


In an effort to push its anti-smoking agenda, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) conducted an interesting social experiment via Tinder. Read more via PR Daily.

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