The Weighty issue.. Day 59 #smokefree


The above retails on Amazon for one cent. Makes sense! When quitting smoking it is hard to focus on quitting food. Crikey, one step at a time. But today – my jeans are a bit tight. And when I walk I can feel my cheeks wobble a bit! That sounded wrong… I meant my face. Bit more flesh around the cheekbones of late. Weight gain is not a great side effect for quitters. But quite frankly I would rather more junk in my trunk than the coughing, wheezing, and overall bad stuff the stinky ciggs give me.

Studies prove that within two months of stopping smoking you cough and wheeze less, your body is better at fighting infection and the flow of blood to hands and feet has improved. Studies also show that the average weight gain for quitters is around six/seven kilos. So I am basically doing a combination of high-five my life is freaking amazing to FML! But I guess I have saved some cash so could always go buy some new jeans… #everycloudhasasilverlining ‘My Silver Lining’ – First Aid Kit

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