50 days #smokefree

Parked at the traffic lights today, I watched a woman having one of those ‘i can’t believe i’m smoking this i don’t really enjoy it’ smoke breaks. If you smoke – you know what I mean. She was huddled under an awning in the wind and rain and while taking a drag would look at the ciggie like she wanted to stomp on it. Kept checking how much of it she needed to smoke before it was finished – and when there was still at least a third left, butted it out in disgust. I wanted to jump out of my car and give her a big hug! Because remembering the number of times I had inhaled a ciggie in exactly the same way – made me really happy to be a ‘smoker who is choosing not to smoke right now’.

And it makes me even prouder to announce that I am now 50 days smoke-free!

It has not been an easy ride. My daughter recently returned from a couple of months in Italy and while tidying her room found my ‘secret stash’ of half a dozen Winfield Golds. (Due to the mood of the household my husband and I spent more nights sleeping separately than together, and up until Lucinda came home her bedroom was practically mine.)

How I wanted to shove them in my mouth at once and light them all. Give myself a big hit. I resisted – but have stashed them somewhere else in the house just in case I decide I want to smoke them after all. Strange what makes this quitting journey easier – but I liken needing them in the house to needing the ability to make a conscious choice to smoke or not to smoke. And it’s working so far…

In other breaking news – my husband has quit! Patches for one day and now all on his own. It has been over a week and I am very proud of him. That reminds me, I should probably tell him so when I cuddle him in bed tonight. 🙂

Strangely I find myself wishing to celebrate this achievement with a glass of bubbly and a fag. It is one hell of an addiction! I

I would love to hear from others who have quit smoking since the introduction of the Smoke Free at Deakin initiative. Please get in touch and share your stories.



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