Day 2 – patience is not a virtue I possess

Yesterday was really hard, and when I was home it got even worse! I discovered how much time I have on my hands – and started painting the bungalow in the backyard. I also stubbornly decided I would have a few glasses of red wine – not the best move. It made not smoking harder – so I put my fingers to my lips and pretended to inhale nice and deep – and exhale. Felt better immediately.

My husband is wearing the patches and seems to think he has no mood changes etc. Ha! Pull the other one. Needless to say – we slept apart. And I discovered that while he had potential to be one of my greatest support people (and I his), it was not going to happen…

Today I woke up feeling very tired, but not craving so much. While those who know me may state that I can be vacant at times, I promise you – not this vacant. I find myself unable to type as well, unable to converse as well and rather impatient.

Apparently the urge to smoke only lasts a few minutes before it passes. These urges gradually decrease in frequency as the days go on. Patience is not a virtue I possess – so time is not my friend right now. But I remember to breathe deeply and I am drinking more water. I am also drinking less coffee!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 – patience is not a virtue I possess

  1. Mum, I think this blog is so so good for you to get all your thoughts out and your motivation going. I just wanted to say, I support you so much and I really think you can do this. I am so proud of you! Love you xoxoxoox

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