Can You Help? #smokefree

As my quit date draws near, I am experiencing a range of emotions. I am smoking more (even though I am feeling a little under the weather) just to get my quota in. Probably makes no sense to those of you who don’t smoke – but I am preparing to say goodbye to a habit that is almost 25 years old.

But I am very prepared. I have a prescription for nicotine patches from my GP just in case ‘cold turkey’ doesn’t work for me, I have my Quit Pack from Quitline, the My QuitBuddy app is on my iphone, and I have told all my family and friends. I have given much thought to my reasons for quitting, and when I look at these my resolve is strong.

However, I am struggling to come up with new hobby/habit/activity ideas to substitute this habit. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Should I exercise more, say farewell to red wine, or take up knitting? I really would like to have a plan in place by Monday.



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