Preparing to quit #smokefree

Last night I spent some time evaluating why I wanted to quit smoking. The Quit website is a very handy resource for mapping this out in some order.

My reasons are: Lucinda and Georgia (my daughters), Health, Empower myself (stop being controlled by the cigarette), Money (save a bucket load of the stuff), and becoming a role model for others. It was really interesting giving myself the opportunity to really think this through, and hopefully these reasons will help me in the months and years to come. I have printed myself a few copies and will pop them up to keep me motivated.

If you are thinking of quitting, or know someone who has – what are your reasons?



Quotes of the week #smokefree


“[Lighting a cigarette] Well, I’m not here to impinge on anybody else’s lifestyle. If I’m in a place where I know I’m going to harm somebody’s health or somebody asks me to please not smoke, I just go outside and smoke. But I do resent the way the nonsmoking mentality has been imposed on the smoking minority. Because, first of all, in a democracy, minorities do have rights. And, second, the whole pitch about smoking has gone from being a health issue to a moral issue, and when they reduce something to a moral issue, it has no place in any kind of legislation, as far as I’m concerned.”
Frank Zappa



“There was a young lady named Mae
Who smoked without stopping all day;
As pack followed pack,
Her lungs first turned black,
And eventually rotted away.”
Edward Gorey, Floating Worlds: The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer

Deakin University is going #smokefree

Deakin Smoke-Free.

The University will be a smoke-free environment as of March 10th 2014. This includes all Deakin campuses, motor vehicles and extramural premises, such as field stations, regional campuses, galleries or theatres. This policy has been implemented to create a healthy and safe environment for all Deakin students, staff and associates. Our University will encourage smokers to reduce or quit smoking and will support this process through health campaigns and cessation support.